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Common Effluent Treatment Plant

Latest CETP reports as avaliable on 22-10-2021 08:48
Sr. No. CETP Designed Capacity Value (MLD) Date Inlet
(mg/l except pH)
(mg/l except pH)
1 Additional Ambernath CETP, Dist. Thane7.520-10-20197.5924169614628587.133.61614292
2 Butibori CETP Pvt. Ltd., Dist. Nagpur519-07-20217.5424059692-7.46297828-
3 SMS Waluj CETP Pvt Ltd, Dist. Aurangabad1028-06-20217.827272019640187.329208841860
4 Greenfield CET Plant P. Ltd, Dist. Solapur1.527-09-20216.682806768038827.10130304543404
5 Ichalkaranji Textile Development Cluster Ltd. (1 MLD), Dist. Kolhapur117-08-20215.1055028166870406.904251508.80526874
6 Ichalkaranji Textile Development Cluster Ltd. (12 MLD), Dist. Kolhapur1217-08-20216.2045018103767327.802496.80455432
7 Kagal-Hatkanangale C.E.T.P.,, Dist. Kolhapur1017-08-20217.3014105.603211707.401053.6021556
8 L.K. Akiwate Industrial Co Op, Estate Ltd, Dist. Kolhapur0.817-08-20216.30220803.606055706.302087.6020560
9 Hydro Air Tectonics (PCD), Dist. Pune420-09-20217.6445112443267.22327626272
10 Kurkumbh Environment Protection Co op Society, Dist. Pune127-09-20217.5825071211044708.73130308641784
11 Ranjangaon CETP, Dist. Pune320-09-20217.621353167622207.74125260481768
12 Lote Parshuram Environment Protection Co-op Societ, Dist. Ratnagiri606-07-20216.9%20--891.234.04856.07.1%20--118.412.02696.0
13 MMA-CETP Co Operative Society Ltd., Dist. Raigad7.505-07-20217.10762.45642247.40110.4233196
14 RIA CETP Co-op. Society Ltd., Dist. Raigad1029-06-20218.1600.01664.0358.014779.07.6220.0624.0194.05307.0
15 PRIA CETP (I) Ltd., Dist. Raigad1517-06-20216.820.068.060.0-
16 Taloja CETP Co Operative Society, Dist. Thane22.513-09-20217.3625130439433637.41203201221966
17 Thane-Belapur Association, Dist. Thane2722-06-20217.44301256378-7.35214444-
18 Badlapur CETP Association, Dist. Thane802-09-20217.40500110438052587.6058208502035
19 Chikhloli-Morivali Effluent Treatment, Dist. Thane0.806-09-20217.737070814629647.72280302602
20 ACMA - CETP-Co-operative Society Ltd, Dist. Thane0.2506-09-20217.73008488020327.432128241219
21 Dombivli CETP (Chemical) (Phase-II), Dist. Thane1.528-06-20217.6460128821243977.41860241430
22 Dombivli Better Environment System Association, Dist. Thane1628-06-20217.5700169640048797.470168422582
23 Tarapur Environment Protection Society CETP, Dist. Thane2505-07-20217.3750241630887737575222412812446
24 Akkalkot Cetp, Dist. 320-09-20217.3223567211433948.02120292722490
25 Additional Amravati Industrial Area, Dist. Amravati528-06-20218.42345847855277.34.62430615
Proposed / Non Functional CETP
Sr. No. Name Of CETP Designed Capacity(MLD) Disposal Remarks
1  Tarapur Industrial Manufacturing Association Plot No - O/23 MIDC Tarapur Dist. Thane 2 - Not in Operation Merged With TEPS
2  Krishna Valley Envirotech (P) Ltd. Plot No J-MIDC kupwada Block Sangali-Miraj Industrial Area Dist-Sangali 0.64 - Proposed CETP.
3  Hingana CETP Industrial Co-operative Society ltd.Address Plot no p-141 MIDC Hingana Area Nagpur-440028 2 - Proposed CETP
4   Tarapur Environment Protection Society Plotno a5-30(pt),midc Tarapur Tal. Palghar,Dist. Thane 50 - Proposed CETP