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Show Cause Notice for Revoking the consents to the industries not submittedthe stipulated Bank Guarantee

Some of the industries are not complying the consent conditions and violating the Environmental Laws.  As per the decision in CAC, Board is granting Consent to Establish/Operate/renewal to the industry with the condition of submission of Bank Guarantee to ensure the time bound compliance of consent conditions.  It has been reported by Regional Officer/SRO of the Board that most of the industries have not submitted the said Bank Guarantee in the stipulated time period. It was brought to the notice of Consent Appraisal Committee during the meeting held on 02.03.2012.  Hence, it was decided to issue Show Cause Notices for revocation/ cancellation of consent granted for non submission of said bank guarantee and non-compliance of consent condition.


 Now, M.P.C. Board is issuing  Show  Cause Notice  for revoking the consents granted to these industries which have not submitted Bank Guarantee as stipulated in the consent, in CAC category.  The list of such industries  is attached.  All these industries are once again requested to submit the Bank Guarantee as stipulated in the consent granted to them on priority, to avoid legal action(Click here for list)