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Inventory Team
Chapter - I
Chapter - II
State - Background
Chapter - III
Chapter - IV
Comments on Hazardous Waste Management & Handling Rules,1989 (as amended 2003)
Chapter - V
Acheivements on Hazardous Waste Management in Maharashtra
Chapter - VI
Action Plan
Annexure - I
Treatment / Disposal Options for Schedule - 1 waste
Annexure II
Treatment / Disposal Options for Schedule - 2 wastes
Annexure III
Hazardous Waste Inventory Form
Annexure - IV
Format For Inventorization of service station provided by Fleet owners/ State Transport Corporation
Annexure - V
Format for Inventorization of Service Station -- Automobile Manufacturers
Annexure - VI
Format For Inventorization of service stations attached to Petroleum Companies
Annexure - VII
Format for Data Collection from Power Transmission/ Distribution Companies
Annexure - VIII
Format For Preparation of Hazardous Waste Generation from Ports/Docks
Annexure - IX
Format For Preparation of Inventory of Facilities of Aircraft Companies
Map of Maharashtra Showing Final Hazardous Waste Generation Figures