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Important orders in respect regulating mining activities

Orders Passed By Other Forums
Case No.
Order Date
Original Application No.171 of 2013 14/08//2013 National Green Tribunal Bar Association V/s Ministry of Environment and Forest and Others.
    Letter issued by Environment Department, Govt of Maharashtra vide letter dated 10 th September 2012
WP(C) 2025 of 2012 01/08/2012 S N Mohanty and another V/s Union of India and others
    Board's Circular dated 07/07/2012 - Requirment of EC for all mining projects of Minor Minerals
SLP(C) No. 19628-19629 of 2009 27/02/2012 DeepakKumar V/s State of Haryana and others
IA No. 1785 of 2001 in LA No.22 and Writ Petition No.4677 of1985with IA No. 1806,1815,1817 to 1819,1822m 1794 and 1795 18/03/2004 M C Mehta Mehta V/s Union of India