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Plants and plant communities are very important to humans and their environment. Here are some of the important things plants provide to our environment. The oxygen in the air we breathe comes from the photosynthesis of plants. The quality of the air can be greatly influenced by plants. Plants can stop the movement of dust and pollutants. Through the intake of carbon dioxide, plants can also lessen the greenhouse effect caused from the burning of fossil fuels like coal. Plants are extremely important to the quality of the water we use. A diverse cover of plants aids in maintaining healthy watersheds, streams, and lakes by holding soil in place, controlling stream flows, and filtering sediments from water. Regional climates are impacted by the amount and type of plant cover. Forest and marshes, for example, can cool local climates. Natural disasters, such as drought, have been blamed on the destruction of forests and other critically important plant communities.

Smoke shield

  • Dust, heat and auto emission:
    Neem, Banyan, peepal, ashoke, silver, oak, kachnaar and jacaranda
  • Benezene, hydrocarbons, methane, CO, oxides of sodium and nitrogen
    Krishnachura and radhachura
  • Oxides of nitrogen and sulphur
    Tamarind, neeium and tibetia
  • Oxides oil sulphur
  • SPM / RPM

Banyan and Sall- With their broad, fleshy leaves are best in controlling SPM and RPM. Banyan leaves suck in pollutants and capture them permanently in their stomata. For years this goes on but the tree kills itself in the process. Sall has better endurance even simul is useful during its leafing season.