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  Consent Management - Categorisation of Industries (R/O/G/W)
Directions u/s 18(1)(b) of Water (P & CP) Act, 1974 regarding Classification of Industries into Red, Green and Orange Category by Cpcb letter vide no.B-29012/1/2012/ESS/1540 dtd.04.06.2012.(Click here for CPCB Letter dated 04/06/2012)
CPCB letted dated 02/06/2014 -Clarificatory amendment in the Categorisation of Industsries as Red, Orange and Green for Grant of Consent.
Industry Type (As per CPCB)
Additional Categorization by M.P.C.Board
List of Orange Category Industry
   An indicative list of orange category of industries are prepared considering the industrial activities which are not included under the list of red category and green category of industries in Annexure I..
  The industry which do not fall in any of the above mentioned Three categories (i.e Red/Orange/Green), decision with regard to their categorization will be taken by a committee constituted by respective SPCBs / PCCs.
  In case of reduction of pollution load due to adoption of cleaner technology or change in production process by any industry decision on re-categorization of such activity will be taken by a committee constituted by respective SPCBs/PCCs.
  Industrial siting policy of setting up of industries may be decided by the respective SPCBs in consultation with the concerned State Governments.
  Grossly water polluting industries having BOD load 100 kg/day or more before treatment may be monitored Four times in a year. Considering the change scenario of water availability and exhausted carrying capacity of most of the rivers and lakes in the country, some more industries having BOD load more than 50 kg/day but less than 100 kg/day (before treatment) may be brought under the purview of grossly polluting industry. However these industries may be monitored twice in a year.

Constitution of Industry Categorisation Committee for M.P.C.Board

  Minutes of Industry Categorisation Committee Meeting for M.P.C.Board.
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